Charolais cattle are usually white, or cream colored with a frame size ranging from medium to large. They also have a deep and broad body. The breed is naturally horned but recently, polled Charolais have emerged as an important part of the breed. Charolais are equipped with an adaptable coat that helps them withstand changing weather and sound feet and legs that help them travel across rocky ground. Calving is generally an uncomplicated process and calves are typically hardy, can adapt to different climates easily, and have a good weight per day of age numbers. Charolais are praised for their docile nature, increased weaning weight, high yearling weight, carcass weight, the quality meat yield grades, and marbling at harvest. Other positive aspects about Charolais cattle are that they can bring uniformity, feedlot efficiency, quality grades, with a high percentage of fed cattle grading Choice, and limited back-fat waste to an operation.

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